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See Why You Really Are The EnemyAbout Ron Cercone, a public insurance claim advocate.

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A Little Common Sense From Ron

I am bewildered when someone says they are fighting with their adjuster for $3,000 on an auto claim, or $500,000 on their homeowner’s claim, yet they “can’t afford” $25 or $75 (even with an information guarantee!) to get all or part of that $3,000 or $500,000. And if one is trying to decide between different website publications, considering the money at stake, why not buy eBooks from several websites?

You could easily spend $150-250/hr on a lawyer only to find out he really knows nothing about property insurance claims. Of the 160,000+ practicing attorneys in California, there are not over 10 or 15 who really know property insurance claims, and most of them work only for insurance companies! The George Bush US Supreme Court eliminated the punitive damage incentive against insurance companies with the "State Farm v. Campbell" case in 2003. This eliminated the motivation for 99.9% of plaintiffs attorneys to pursue bad faith 1st party property claim litigation against insurance companies. The insurance industry went on to bring in record profits in the following years, and in spite of Hurricane Katrina and other major hurricanes! But let's get back to the point here ...

I can’t emphasize enough, how in my 15 year experience as a "public" adjuster, it sometimes only took one bit of information to get coverage for a denied claim, or to add huge chunks of money (sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars) to a claim. If anyone does not believe this, I would be glad to show the files (providing my clients privacy be properly guaranteed).

Would you rather spend hours, days, weeks or months looking for that one bit of information in the policy or in the law (which, no offense intended, you and most attorneys would probably never find or know what to do with anyway), while your legal and policy time limits slip away, or get it INSTANTLY in a guaranteed UClaim eBook?

If Ron Cercone, an individual with average intelligence, but a ton of insurance claims knowledge, can get an average of 34% more claim settlement dollars, "over and above" what policy holders achieve on their own, and he has put everything he knows in his UClaim eBooks, does it not stand to reason that even if YOU achieve only half of that 34%, you have covered your investment in a UClaim eBook tens, hundreds and even thousands of times over?

The most common question I get is something like this: “The adjuster said he/she would pay X dollars for my total loss car. But the value of my car is TWICE what the adjuster is paying. What can I do?" The same question is asked in home and business owner claim valuations and repair costs.

Well, there is no one right answer. In fact there may be several possible responses and strategies, depending on the circumstances of your claim (and if you are lucky, it may only take one bit of information to double your settlement). UClaim eBooks will help you make the best response and strategy for your circumstances. It will show you how to alter that strategy, just as the adjuster alters his/her own strategy with every phone call or letter. Just like every move in a game of chess.

You will not learn how to “play” the insurance claim game from one or two answers to questions on a forum, newsgroup or blog. First, if you post a question that is over a paragraph in length, it will usually be ignored or answered only in part, if that. And even if the answer is competent, it will only be good based on the circumstances at the time of your question, (if you included the circumstances). Second, the “volunteer experts” answering the questions on those websites are not doing this because they are angels from heaven sent to help the poor consumer. They are either trying to generate traffic to their own money making websites (like me!), or they are on their own little “ego trip”.

The “claim game” changes every day (and it is a game, even when it hinges on one bit of information). It is, again, exactly like a game of chess. The strategy changes every day and with every move. You don’t know what the adjuster’s next move is going to be. And you don’t know what the best response is. There may only be one response you can make. There may be several responses, and you have to choose the best one for that point in time (just like in a game of Chess). And guess what else? The adjuster doesn’t know what … ‘your’ … next move is going to be.

This is where UClaim eBooks come into play. You will learn the thought process for making your own best decision. You get the most common strategies and maneuvers that adjusters use, and, you get the best response, moves and strategies to choose from and modify for your own unique circumstances. These maneuvers and strategies are based on MY OWN PROVEN EXPERIENCES as a “public adjuster” working "against" insurers since 1995, and working on their side for 15 years before that.

There are no websites out there with eBooks by an author with experience as both a public adjuster and a company adjuster (see Ron Cercone link). Yes, there are some authors who have been “top executives” for insurance companies. But NONE OF THEM have ever had their income based on additional money that insurance companies were forced to pay after having lowballed or denied claims. I was forced to learn successful maneuvers and strategies. The best of what I learned is clearly written in the UClaim eBooks.

As an editor who reviews public adjuster websites for the top search engines, I can personally say that, as of October of 2009, I have seen no websites where the principal’s credentials matched those of Ron Cercone. In fact, most give no information at all on their personnel. And their fancy titles don’t necessarily equal competence. Why expound on Ron Cercone? Because in the end, when you decide where to invest your money, it should be on what's between the author’s ears, not the hype.

Most visitors to UClaim are looking for free information. And they want an answer for their claim question or problem. They want it NOW.

While UClaim eBooks will answer 99% of your specific claim questions, the goal is to teach you how to “catch your own fish and feed yourself”, not only for your current claim, but for future claims. You won't find “one time only” gimmicks here. Many of the lessons you learn in UClaim eBooks can also be applied in other important financial matters in your life, buying a house for example.

And if you want to learn the profession of public adjusting, and be able to make money on tough claims and in tough economic times, then read my eBooks.


Ron Cercone


Information Guarantee!

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