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See Why You Really Are The EnemyAbout Ron Cercone, a public insurance claim advocate.

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Ron's Insurance Claim Consultation Service

If you would like to use Ron as a consultant during the course of your insurance claim, you may hire him on an hourly basis under the following terms:

1. $100.00/hour for non-business consumers and landlords who have purchased a UClaim eBook.

2. $150.00/hour for businesses, including law firms ($300.00/hour for deposition and court testimony. I have been qualified as an insurance claim expert in several superior court jurisdictions).

3. Simply deposit the first hour in advance using Paypal to make payment to ronaldcercone@yahoo.com .

4. If you anticipate you will need over an hour, then you may deposit more. Any unused time will be returned in 30 days upon your request. The 30 day time period is to avoid wasted time with multiple refund and deposit transactions. I bill in 1/10 of an hour (6 minute) increments and minimums. So if you plan to ask me a "quick question", plan on making it 6 minutes if you want your full money's worth.

5. You can communicate via email or phone calls. You may tape record the phone calls as long as you advise me when you plan to turn on the tape recorder.

6. The most cost effective form of communication is for you to write down your questions beforehand, then ask me the questions and let me answer them on the telephone, either in a live conversation or by voicemail.

Thank you,

Ron Cercone

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