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Free Policy Form Copy Offer

OPTION 1 - You will get any two policies (and endorsements) available on the UClaim Products page for free, after you purchase a UClaim eBook. Simply send an email to info@UClaim.com advising which policy/s you want and they will be sent as an email attachment within 24 hours. (If you are in a real hurry, go ahead and purchase the policy/s and you will be refunded the payment within 24 hours of a refund request).

OPTION 2 "DISASTER VICTIMS" - For Natural Disaster Victims, you will get any one (1) copy of any policy (and endorsements) available on the UClaim Products page for free, after you request one via email to info@UClaim.com. You must state that you are a disaster victim and that you are not an insurance adjuster or insurance lawyer. Your email address will not be given to any other entity.

"Natural Disaster" for purposes of this free offer is defined as a widely publicized disaster affecting an entire community (such as a hurricane, tornado, flood, hailstorm, firestorm, earthquake, tsunami, etc.) as opposed to an individual loss, such as a random house fire for example.

OPTION 3 - You may choose any policy you want for free, however you must first contribute a policy or endorsement set that is not already available in the UClaim Product list. Different editions of the same policy are acceptable. You can either scan and email the policy as an attachment, or fax a copy or US Mail a copy. All you need do is send an eMail to info@UClaim.com or use the Contact US link above, "attention Ron".

(Option number three was created on account of visitors, mostly insurance adjusters, who tied up UClaim servers by downloading all the policies (which were initially free of charge) and contributing not even one policy of their own.)




(Free offer not currently applicable to ISO and Mercury forms)


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