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Common Sense About Your Insurance Policy


What is more important after a loss, having a copy of your policy right away, even if you gotta cough up $10 (what some of you would spend on a hamburger) or hassling with your agent, who may take a couple of days, weeks or even never, to get you a copy of your policy.

And what if the only "policy" your agent can readily get for you is a "Declarations Page", a single sheet of paper with only the dollar limits of coverage.

And what if he can't get the endorsements? Just one endorsement can make or break a claim.

You need that policy booklet from day one after a loss. Even if that policy is from another state, it is better than nothing. Why? Because it gives you a clue on what to ask for. Even if your policy does not cover what that other one does, you at least force the adjuster to affirm or deny the coverage. Now that adjuster has to decide if he or she is going to willfully lie to you from the beginning of the claim.

In fact, most auto and home policies in most states are 95% identical. All homeowner policies derive from and include the language and concepts from the 1943 New York Standard Fire Policy (which is also included in most states insurance statutory laws).

Don't be "Penny Wise, Pound ..."


If you can get a copy of your policy from day one, then God bless you. But if not, don't worry about $10.00 when your $100,000 house just burned down.

Ron Cercone

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