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See Why You Really Are The EnemyAbout Ron Cercone, a public insurance claim advocate.

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Ron as Public Adjuster - Qualified Claim Service

(Ca. License 2772926)

If you would like to have Ron as a public adjuster to represent you, not the insurance company, in your insurance claim, you may hire him on a contingency fee (percentage) basis.

You can hire Ron on a percentage of the entire claim paid amount (a lower percentage), OR, on a percentage of the claim paid amount amount "over and above" what you already negotiated on your own (a higher percentage).

Option 'A': "Entire Claim Settlement Paid" Fee Percentage - Typically 10% on a normal accidental fire loss of $100,000.00+. Typically 15% on a water loss, contents only loss (burglary for example) and more difficult claims such as with arson, rot and "tenant vandalism".


Option 'B': Amount "Over and Above Claim Settlement Paid" Fee Percentage (AKA "New Money" Fee Percentage) - Typically 50% (half). You keep what you negotiated on your own. We split any additional recovery. If I work 100 hours and get the insurer to pay no additional money, then you owe me nothing. This 50% fee will therefore also apply to entirely DENIED claims and the denied portion of partially denied claims.

If you have not already received an amount agreed to by the adjuster, but you want me to get started, you need to get the adjuster to put in writing that the money will be paid. If all or part of your claim was denied, you need to get that denial in writing from the adjuster.

You may scan and email key documents prior to our contract discussions to info@uclaim.com.

You may download a blank copy of the Public Adjuster Contract here. We can line out and add any provisions that we agree on. My contract has been pre approved by the California DOI and contains wording required by California statutes.

Thank you,

Ron Cercone


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