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See Why You Really Are The EnemyAbout Ron Cercone, a public insurance claim advocate.

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Sale Notifications

If you would like to receive email notices of sales and special offers, please just type the words "Please send me UClaim sale notices" in the this email link:

Sale Notice Request

Please advise, in the text body of the Sale Notice Request email, if you want your notices to be sent to an email address other than the one you are currently responding with.

Your email address will not be shared with any entity other than UClaim.com. You will never receive more than 1 email per week of UClaim sale notifications.

Disaster Victims - Be sure to include the full name of the policy and endorsements requested. Please allow 24-48 hours for email delivery of free policy copies. (Note - you can get the policy form immediately by downloading the form and making payment, however no refunds will be issued for policy copies for any reason unless you purchase an eBook as outlined in Option 1 of the Free policy offer).

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