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See Why You Really Are The EnemyAbout Ron Cercone, a public insurance claim advocate

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 1. You are the Enemy
 2. Illegal Payment Checks
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 3. Proof of Loss & Release
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 4. Lowball Estimate
 5. View Questionnaire
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 6. News Articles
      60 Minutes
      CA Insurance Dept.
      State Farm News
   "You are the Enemy"
(View online!)

This document contains samples of blatant FRAUD BY INSURERS against their own policy holders, as well as examples of how insurance companies really view their customers, and how they will sometimes do everything in their power to lowball or deny a business, home or auto insurance claim.

These excerpts are recommended for those with dial-up connections, or those who do not wish to download the complete PDF file below.

frauds.pdf [5MB]

Complete Document
"You are the Enemy"
(Complete document)

This is the complete document in one file (in pdf format) which contains all of the above documents.

This document requires Adobe Acrobat or Reader, which can be downloaded free by clicking on the image below.

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